Pros and Cons of Buying Used Medical Equipment

There are various views available on buying refurbished medical equipments. Some say it is good to save cost; others argue that it is not worth it. The general notion among medical practitioners is that refurbished medical equipments are not good in quality. However, this notion is also not correct. But, before that it is really important to know the real definition of the refurbished equipment. Refurbished medical devices means that some highly skilled medical technicians have restored that piece of equipment to its almost new condition before it was released back to the market.However, buying used medical devices does not necessarily a sacrifice on quality. However, the main difference lies between new & used medical equipments is the cost. Time – time you need to invest in order to find a used medical device is another important aspect to consider before finding a good deal. However, like any other used equipments, buying used medical equipments have advantages and disadvantages.


  • Much Lesser Cost

You can save over 50% cost by buying used medical devices compare to buying the same equipment brand new. Doctors who have just started their medical practice or established a small medical practice tends to buy refurbished medical equipments. Second-hand equipment can vary from IV poles to all the way ultrasound machines.

  • Assured Performance

Refurbished medical equipment may look old and worn-out but it will give you the assurance of high performances. As the equipment is still in use, you can always expect the equipment to perform appropriately without any initial glitches.



  • Can’t Worth Your Money

When you are buying a new one, it suggests that you know what you are paying for. Opting for used medical equipment may save your budget up to 50% but the risk of less life-expectancy of old devices compare to new equipments is also very high. Durability factor of equipment also decreases when it’s come to using old medical devices.

  • No Warranty For Used Equipment

New medical equipment carries warranty from the factory. Hence, it guarantees to perform in a proper way for certain period of time. On the contrary, warranty for used medical devices is very rare. There are instances of refurbished equipments with warranties but to get that in every time involves a little bit of research and understanding with the dealers. There are companies that only sell refurbished medical equipments have their own policies on warranties and guarantees.

It is always advisable to do a background check on the company that sells refurbished equipments before making your final purchase. Checking out their services & standards on quality of the devices is another important feature that you should not ignore before buying one. Customer reviews another important part that you should always check before buying refurbished Medical Equipment. As mentioned earlier, refurbished equipments mostly required by small size medical practitioners and those who have just started their career as a medical practitioner. Hence, it is really important to take care of this precarious but important matter.